Information for customers about novel Coronavirus

Dear Sir or Madam,

We would like to assure you that we at SCHLENK are paying the highest attention to this situation and all our efforts are directed towards the best possible cooperation with our partners in order to keep the effects of the coronavirus on our customers, our business partners and our company as low as possible. The health of our employees and our partners as well as our ability to deliver are our top priority.  

We implemented measures in view of the coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2). The aim of these measures is to protect our employees and to ensure that our supply chain, our production and supply capability remain at the usual high level. All our business activities will go on. We increased infection control. SCHLENK takes the development regarding the Coronavirus very seriously and decided to share this information provided below.

We made a supply chain risk analysis to be well prepared in case of further restrictions. Additionally, we established a Coronavirus crisis unit which recorded necessary demands and continuously undertakes evaluations regarding their availability. This crisis unit also monitors COVID-19 related developments and undertakes measures aimed at keeping the company in operation. Our efforts clearly focus on production and supply chain processes in order to avoid delivery delays for customers.

Being in close contact with our raw material suppliers, we continuously reassess the delivery situation and make every effort to minimize the potential impact of a supply chain bottleneck on our customers and business partners. For many years, an important aspect of our purchasing strategy has been the possibility of multiple procurement, if possible. This enables us in most cases to ensure that we can rely on alternative suppliers if necessary. As things stand, our ability to deliver is assured and we have no indication on possible supply chain restrictions. In consequence, we do not expect an impact on delivery times or the general availability of our raw materials and products at the moment. Of course we cannot predict the future, but we assure that we constantly adapt our internal measures according to the relevant new aspects given.

Where do I get information as a SCHLENK customer or business partner? With more than 100 agencies worldwide, we are everywhere close to our customers and can be contacted at any time. If you have any specific questions about our product groups, please contact your contact person at SCHLENK who will be happy to support you. The SCHLENK contacts ben also be found in the footer.

Best regards

General Management