An investment in the future and a vision:
Technology 3.0

The new construction of the SCHLENK Company at the entrance to Barnsdorf is making great strides. The halls are currently being expanded inside. "We have invested in the future" is how Joachim von Schlenk sums up the project. The gold-coloured new building visible to the public directly on the street is only part of the overall "Technology 3.0" project.

"The goal of the overall project is a powerful technical team that can guarantee the optimal functioning of our systems at all times," adds the CEO. To this end, the new building will be erected and many other organisational and process improvements will be initiated. But the new building alone is impressive, because after completion it offers many improvements for the operating procedure in Barnsdorf: On the one hand, a mobile racking system with 1850 pallet spaces, a 600m² small parts warehouse (approx. 3100m² rack space) as well as a tool and material shuttle will be provided. On the other hand a new locksmith's shop of 42m x 21m with portal crane system, consisting of a 10to and a 5to crane and two slewing cranes will make the work easier. The new building also houses a 180m² electrical workshop, twelve office workplaces and two meeting rooms on the upper floor. Of course, such a modern building also has a social area with eight showers and lockers for 72 people. The company's technical departments will be working here from spring onwards. With a length of 58.8m, a width of 44.0m and a height of 10.5m, the new building will then be the largest building in Barnsdorf.

The outer facade of the new building has already been completed. The latest product from Schlenk "Zenexo® GoldenShine" has been installed on this. Thanks to the effect pigment, the coilfacade appears from gold to a dark brown depending on the solar radiation.

In the new building, SCHLENK's locksmith's shop employees can expect the future’s working world full of modern systems, digitization and efficient processes. A logimat, for example, will be set up under the sign of digitization. High-quality spare parts are stored here and automatically retrieved from the shelf at the push of a button and served to the employee on a tray.

A vision of future for the year 2019 is that employees can request the material they need digitally via tablet and it is then made available fully automatically.

This eliminates travel and waiting times and makes work more efficient. "The locksmith's shop will be able to perform its core tasks even better in this way: Repair, maintenance, service and new construction of systems. We are also investing in the possibility of building new plants because the future of the company also depends on the future of production, and in this the plants must keep pace with the requirements," explains Joachim von Schlenk.

SCHLENK will invest a total of more than 6.4 million euros in these significant improvements in working conditions at the Roth-Barnsdorf site by the end of 2019. The owner-managed family business produces effect pigments, metal powders and metal foils for many different industries in Barnsdorf and the surrounding area and offers 600 local jobs (1,000 worldwide) and 55 training positions.

At the moment the interior work is in progress: 1: The installation of cranes for the locksmith's shop. 2: The scaffolding of the mobile racking system.