SCHLENK lands in the top 5

The CSR AWARD of the German government honours social and ecological efforts in business enterprises.


The jury of experts has decided: A total of 25 companies in five categories have been nominated for the German government's Corporate Social Responsibility Award 2020, the CSR Award for short.

The CSR Prize of the German government honours companies that are particularly committed to socially, economically and ecologically compatible working practices.   Awarded for the fourth time A total of 168 applications were received, and the Barnsdorf-based company Schlenk, a well-known manufacturer of metal pigments, powders and foils, made it into the top five in the category of companies with between 250 and 999 employees. The award ceremony will take place in early June in Berlin at the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs. The government's CSR Prize is an award for companies of all sizes that have made lasting social, ecological and economic progress in their business activities or can demonstrate significant progress along the way. The aim of the award is to reward, promote and support responsible corporate action. This is the fourth time after 2013, 2014 and 2017 that the German government is awarding prizes for ideas, approaches and concepts in the spirit of sustainable management.

According to Schlenk, the company has been committed for many years to bringing together the fields of economy, ecology and social issues. For example, an ecological compensation concept has been implemented at the Barnsdorf site since the beginning of the 1990s, with the aim of returning to nature what is taken from it. At the same time, product development aims to produce products that conserve resources. Lighthouses in the social area are not only many benefits for employees, but also the cooperation with schools, local clubs and associations and the company foundations that are involved in charitable activities.

Dr. Daniela von Schlenk, Director Public Relations, sums it up like this: "The company has grown over the years and has been committed to the environment and society. In this way we have shown that ecology, social commitment and economic activity can be successfully combined". The CSR award places particular emphasis on the responsible overall conduct of a company. In the management survey, companies must provide a comprehensive account of their activities in the five fields of action of corporate management, environmental management, market, workplace and community. The focus here is on describing management approaches and the implementation and impact of CSR measures and programs. All participating companies receive an evaluation of their own CSR performance, which is also welcomed in Barnsdorf: "This way we can see in which areas we are good and what we can do even better in comparison to others," says Daniela von Schlenk. The decision will be made by a jury of experts made up of members of the National CSR Forum of the Federal Government.