Metaprint® FlexoCare aqua

Metaprint® FlexoCare aqua 342 is a low migration, water based flexo printing ink series.
Verification of suitability has been provided in a variety of certificates from an independent testing institutes . It is an innovative press ready metallic ink series that delivers state of the art printing performance, suitable for low migration food packaging printing applications on paper and paper board.

Metaprint® FlexoCare aqua

凹版印刷 凹版印刷
柔性版印刷 柔性版印刷

FlexoCare aqua 342-01浓金色凹版印刷柔性版印刷
FlexoCare aqua 342-02豐富的淡金色凹版印刷柔性版印刷
FlexoCare aqua 342-01淡金色凹版印刷柔性版印刷
FlexoCare aqua 342-07 V1凹版印刷柔性版印刷
FlexoCare aqua 342-08 V1左邊是銀色凹版印刷柔性版印刷