Suitable for water- and solventborne systems:

SCHLENK introduces new silica treated VMP “Decomet® STV 2002 12/10S0”

Roth-Barnsdorf, 12.10.2022

SCHLENK Metallic Pigments, a leading manufacturer of effect pigments, offers Decomet® STV 2002 12/10S0, a new effect pigment for coatings and printing inks. 

The Decomet® STV 2002 12/10S0 (Silica Treated VMP) technology is a unique technology based on an ultra-thin aluminum substrate which is stabilized with silicon dioxide. The STV surface passivation technology ensures very good pigment stability in a wide range of applications in water- and solventborne systems and offers excellent resistance in harsh environments. The typical properties of VMP pigments, such as high reflectivity and chrome effect, are retained.

In addition to its good compatibility with water- and solvent-based systems, the new effect pigment impresses with its directed reflection from flawless particle surfaces, an extraordinary flop and excellent hiding power.
An improved particle size distribution generates a better appearance.
The effect pigment allows unlimited styling possibilities: chrome looks in coatings and screen printing applications, outstanding performance in coatings for automotive, reverse print or coat for mirror-like effects and industrial and plastic coatings as well as waterborne reflective coatings. 

„STV“ in the product nomenclature stands for „Silica Treated VMP“ and therefore for outstanding hydrolysis and humidity resistance as well as excellent adhesion properties in coatings and inks.
Effect pigments within the STV technology class are based on an improved particle size distribution which promotes optimum DOI in various applications. Incorporation of the Decomet® STV 2002 12/10S0-Pigment is hassle-free.
Decomet® STV 2002 12/10S0 pigment particles are encapsulated with a special silica treatment which ensures very good compatibility in water- and solventborne coating systems.