New Powdal® ST series

Roth-Barnsdorf, 14.03.2023

Powdal® ST is an improved, inorganically coated generation of Al pigments.

The pigments in this range are recommended for use in powder coatings for specific applications such as high-end furniture and household appliances, as these areas are subject to ever-increasing performance requirements, especially in terms of chemical resistance and metallic effect when used outdoors.

The pigments of the Powdal® ST series impress with the advantages known from Powdal® of easy processing and problem-free handling in application.

Unique selling propositions to be emphasized:
- Excellent bonding properties
- Outstanding compatibility with a wide-variety of powder coating systems
- Excellent metallic effect properties
- Problem-free spray handling during corona application

Fields of application (examples):
- Garden furniture
- Shelves and racks
- Trolley application
- High quality household and electrical appliances